Morphcat Games Collection and Intellivision Collection 2 revealed for Evercade

The Evercade library grows this May with two new cartridges, both of which can be pre-ordered from 31st March ahead of their 31st May launches.

Morphcat Games Collection 1 brings together three games from the titular German indie team, along with two bonus demos.

Micro Mages is the highlight here – a NES style dungeon-set platformer designed with the limitations of the NES in mind, featuring four-player support. It was in development for two years and delivers an authentic NES experience.

Böbl and Spacegulls are more traditional scrolling platformers, with the former entailing guiding a delicate bubble, and the latter starring a blue dive-bombing seagull.

Then there’s Micro Mages Second Quest – an expansion to the original, this being its first-ever physical release – and a Super Bat Puncher demo; a twee platformer with a feline lead.

Intellivision Collection 2 will include 12 games, with highlights being 1987’s Tower of Doom and 1982’s Cloudy Mountain. Both were originally part of the Dungeons & Dragons series, but licensing issues have seemingly crept in. This isn’t the first time an Evercade re-release has been stripped of its license.

They’re being joined by Hover Force, Star Strike, Vectron, Auto Racing, Sharp Shot, Stadium Mud Buggies, Super Pro Decathlon, Motocross, Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing, and the no doubt thrilling Reversi.

In the meantime, there’s the already announced Renovation Collection to look forward to, which features a bunch of cult Mega Drive games, such as Sol-Deace (no, not Sol-Feace) and Dino Land. We may even give it the review treatment.

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