Get ready to eat electric death – Tempest 4000 is coming to Switch and Atari VCS

Jeff Minter’s Tempest 4000 – originally released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018 – comes to Switch and Atari’s own VCS console at the end of March.

We never reviewed the original (we were waiting on the UK physical release, which was constantly delayed) but we did cover it during a ‘Games You May Have Missed’ feature. In short: it’s more forgiving than previous entries, and while it remains quite the trip, the psychedelics aren’t quite as distracting as previous Llamasoft games.

Accompanied by a ‘90s techno soundtrack, it features 100 stages and three different modes – Classic, Pure and Survival. If you played TxK on PS Vita, you may notice some similarities – it’s essentially built on the foundation of Llamasoft’s mini marvel.

The price is still TBA. However, the press release curiously points out that the Steam release is available for $19.99, so expect similar pricing.

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