Summer in Mara (Xbox One)

Cross-pollinate a farming simulator with a fetch quest game, expose it to sunshine, and you get Summer in Mara. You play as Koa, a young girl adopted by Yaya – a grandmotherly figure who found Koa lost at sea. After hopping into...
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John Wick: Hex (Switch)

Funnily enough, the John Wick films seem to be both perfect and impractical video game material. Set in a heightened fantasy version of the real world, they involve an assassin coming out of retirement to gun down goons while rival assassins argue...
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Space Invaders Forever

I wasn’t alive when Space Invaders hit arcades in 1978, but if somebody told me back then that we’d still be playing Space Invaders games in 2020, it’s doubtful I would have believed them. Even during the late ‘70s arcade technology moved...
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