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Creature in the Well

Steve Jobs caught lightning in a bottle when creating Atari’s arcade hit Breakout, taking something as simple as Pong and adding a compelling twist. Some forty years later, breaking blocks with a paddle remains an inviting mechanic, the draw and desire to...
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Blair Witch

Chances are the youth of today are unfamiliar with the insane level of buzz surrounding The Blair Witch Project. Created on a budget of just $60k, the 1999 psychological horror flick went on to gross almost quarter of a million dollars, fuelled...
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Gears 5 review round-up

Reviews of Gears 5 are now live, and while it has received some predictably glowing reviews – including top marks from God is a Geek, along with several 9/10s – not every critic was smitten by the eagerly awaited blockbuster. The Metro...
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