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Castle Kong

There’s no easy way to write this review without mentioning Donkey Kong, so we may as well get it out the way. Holding Nintendo’s breakout hit in high regard, developer Drowning Monkeys set about creating their own Donkey Kong-style single-screen platformer, mimicking...
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Natsuki Chronicles

“How can we make retro-inspired shooters more rewarding?” Qute Corporation’s Natsuki Chronicles is seemingly a direct response to that question, constantly dishing out new weapons, upgrades and rewards via an XP/levelling-up system. Every failed attempt unlocks something new, while improved shields and...
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Moose Life

When describing long-running franchises, certain words roll right off the tongue. Super Mario games are playful and inviting; Mortal Kombat is bloody and brutal. Llamasoft games are always described as being trippy and psychedelic, but when it comes to their latest endeavour,...
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