reIterate() is a feature-packed precision platformer hitting Steam next month

Get ready to die, die and die again. Black Country Games’ reIterate() is a modern precision platformer channelling Super Meat Boy and the publisher’s debut release – Quickly, Quackley!

reIterate() has been in development since October 2020 – developer Zayne has been chronicling the game’s progress on their Let’s Talk Game Design YouTube channel.

Incorporating a retro aesthetic with a contrasting colour palette, it sees a pixel art hero wall-jump and double jump through spike-filled stages. Over 60 stages will feature, while a backstory – with skippable cut-scenes – should help hold the package together.

The feature list is pretty impressive, including a speedrun mode, a tougher Black Edition mode with remixed stages, a dedicated ‘Time Slow’ manoeuvre for accessibility, and a jukebox system. “Silky smoothness” is also promised thanks to an uncapped framerate.

reIterate() is due 13th January on Steam, giving plenty of time to get your soundtrack playlist ready.

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