Panorama Cotton gains a re-release next week on PS4, Switch…and Mega Drive

If you’ve delved deep into the Mega Drive’s colossal catalogue, you may have come across Panorama Cotton – a Japan-only gem released late in the system’s life.микрозаймы онлайн на карту без посредников

It pushed the ageing console hard to deliver a pseudo-3D scrolling shooter reminiscent of Space Harrier and After Burner. A limited print run meant that not only did it remain largely undiscovered for years, it’s also extremely expensive nowadays.

29th Oct sees an official re-release, launching on both PS4 and Switch digitally. Not only this, but Strictly Limited Games are set to offer a trio of physical options with pre-orders opening 24th Oct.

PS4 and Switch physical release are limited to 1,500 for the former and 2,500 for the latter, retailing at €29.99. Then there’s a collector’s edition, limited to 1,500 for Switch and 800 copies of PS4. Priced at €64.99, it includes the soundtrack, postcards, stickers, posters, and a cup and tea caddy, plus the game itself.

Finally, and perhaps most enticing of all, Strictly Limited Games are issuing new Mega Drive/Genesis carts compatible with original hardware. 600 copies for Mega Drive and 900 for Genesis are being produced, set to retail at €49.99.

Publisher ININ promises more Cotton news in the future. If you missed our Cotton Reboot! review from July, you can check it out here.

Matt Gander

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