The Switch gets a hot new calculator app. Oh, and Famicom Detective Club, Subnautica, Exodemon, Death Crown and more

Developer Unknown Worlds has waited until the launch date of Subnautica’s sequel Below Zero to bring both entries to Switch. This has resulted in a double whammy of underwater survival and exploration, with both games available for £24.99 each.

The Subnautica series quickly rose to fame on PC and Xbox, mostly fuelled word of mouth. Its sandbox and open-world nature makes for a compelling and unpredictable experience, and as you delve deeper you’ll find an intriguing sci-fi story too.

Nintendo Life has praised the double pack, dishing out a 9/10. “This is an absolutely essential survival smorgasbord, a fantastic port and something of a must-buy double feature for fans of the genre. If you’re purchasing one or the other separately on Switch we’d still plump for the original game, as Below Zero’s fleshed out narrative and on-foot sections dilute the overall experience ever so slightly, but, regardless of which you choose, you’re in for a mighty good time here with two of the very best survival games currently available on any platform,” they said.

Nintendo is back with a new release too, albeit one more niche than usual. Curiously, this too is a double pack. As their names suggest, Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir and Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind are remakes of 8-bit Famicom (NES) investigative adventures, given the remaster treatment with modern visuals, voice acting and other flourishes.

The Switch also gets the fast-paced ‘90s-style FPS Exodemon, minimalistic RTS Death Crown, cartoony caveman puzzle adventure Fire: Ungh’s Quest, and Trash Sailors – an intriguing co-op resource management/party game with a distinct art style. Hack and slasher RWBY: Grimm Eclipse might be out too – just don’t quote us on that.

And if none of these take your fancy, the Switch also gets a Calculator app this week, which will set you back the same price as eight calculators from Poundland. So much for us thinking the recent night vision app was the peak of Switch shovelware.

New Switch eShop releases

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir & The Girl Who Stands Behind – £49.99

These deep cuts from Nintendo history have been localised in English and modernised for Nintendo Switch, with updated visuals and fully-voiced cutscenes. Suspense, drama, and twists and turns await at every corner – you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you dive into these deep narratives set in Japan.

To crack these cases, you’ll need to talk to witnesses, comb crime scenes for clues and interrogate suspects, relying on your investigative instincts to guide you towards the right course of action. You’ll generate new leads as you delve deeper, expanding your sleuthing repertoire and leading you ever closer to the truth. If you think a lead is starting to run cold, consult the details of the investigation jotted down in your detective’s notebook. Can you figure out who the culprit is…before it’s too late?

Subnautica: Below Zero – £24.99

Dive into a freezing underwater adventure. Below Zero is set in an arctic region of planet 4546B. As a scientist posted to a research station on the planet’s surface, you are tasked with studying alien artefacts…

The Vesper space station orbits high above you, sending supplies, instructions, and receiving samples you launch from the surface.When disaster strikes the research station, you must improvise to survive: Construct habitats, scavenge for resources, hunt for food, and craft equipment.

Subnautica – £24.99

What happened to this planet? Signs abound that something is not right. What caused you to crash? What is infecting the sea life? Who built the mysterious structures scattered around the ocean? Can you find a way to make it off the planet alive?

Rise Eterna – £17.99

Feed your nostalgia with a tactical RPG inspired by the greatest classical titles. Take on an adventurous journey, meet a whole range of unique characters, and immerse yourself in an engaging storyline.

Recruit up to 14 characters, each with their unique abilities, and defeat your worst nightmare in epic fights. Unveil a dark and mature story focused on the relationship between two lost souls trying to discover the meaning of there life, fighting side by side.

Fantasy Checkers – £6.99

Checkers – a traditional and inspiring board game known almost all over the world. The rules differs from one country to another, but the main goal is always the same- to capture all your opponent’s pieces.

Trash Sailors – £TBA

The world was flooded by a giant Trash Tsunami! Luckily for you, a lot of trash is floating around. Trash is your main resource and the most valuable thing in this world. You can recycle it into fuel, raft spare parts, and even weapons. Brace yourself for swamp crocodiles, toxic sharks, arctic pirates, and much, much more!

Rift Racoon – £4.49

Get ready for intense precision platforming as you take the role of a rascally racoon named Tucker who possesses a curious ability – teleportation! Tucker needs your help to find a way home and escape the mysterious robot that won’t get off his tail. Use his claws to climb walls, leap over pitfalls and spikes, teleport through barriers and more across 50 handcrafted levels.

Tested on Humans: Escape Room – £8.99

You are the test subject. Will you be able to discover what the experiments are about and escape?

Tested on Humans is an escape room in a dark setting that will test your skills. Solve puzzles, decode secret codes, find hidden objects, and investigate the different rooms of the research center while you discover the events that led you there.

Solve this mystery by exploring each of the rooms in which this adventure takes place. Will you be able to escape?

Connection reHaunted – £5.49


I hope this email finds you well. I’ve received the cd you had sent me and after a cursory glance at the files, I have to say the chances of recovering the software seem promising. There seems to be some data corruption but it’s quite possible it may still run.

Now, again, I haven’t really dug too deep into it but it appears that it’s some sort of a simple game. I’ve seen plenty of things labelled as “map” so it probably has many levels. Pretty sure it involves some sort of a gun also? My guess is, it’s most likely one of those retro shooters.

Anyway, gonna go take a nap. Couldn’t really get much sleep last night; had a lot of nightmares, can’t quite remember about what. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Sincere regards,


Solitaire Card Games – £5.29

Enjoy a relaxing solitaire card game in a cartoony art style and play one of the three solitaire card game variation. Enjoy the game as a beginner or an expert as you can choose between three difficulties. As a beginner you can play with only one suite or chose the expert mode and play the classic ruleset. Enjoy a relaxing and entertaining solitaire card game for everyone.

Solitaire Card Games is a small collection of three solitaire card games, namely the classic klondike variation, the tripeaks and the spider solitaire game.

The game is presented in a cartoony and simple art style to let you enjoy the different card games in a simple way.

Fire: Ungh’s Quest – £12.99

FIRE is an exploration-adventure with intuitive puzzle design. Without losing many words it tells a savagely hilarious story. Journey into the Stone Age and face the most challenging task of this era: The search for fire!

This story’s hero is the lovably chaotic Neanderthal Ungh who dozes off during his very first night watch. The next morning, the catastrophe ensues: the fire’s gone out and Ungh is banished from his village. Now you have to help Ungh finding a new flame, searching every corner of the Stone Age world. No matter if he has to search the insides of a dinosaur, smoldering volcanoes or even through time itself, there is no place Ungh wouldn’t look for new fire.

One click or swipe and your environment comes to life. A small dash of logic and you’ll be able to solve any puzzle and there will be no limit to your exploratory spirit while interacting with the game’s world: fire coconuts from a mammoth’s trunk, turn into an animal or save the fair maiden from the Octo-Boss’ grasp.

Calculator – £8.09

A scientific calculator with a clear easy-to-read multi-line display, which should help with those not-so-easy-to-do maths problems.

Calculator has an appealing modern and practical design, sure to be popular with all students and engineers.

Death Crown – £11.69

At the end of the millennial war, when all the cemeteries were overcrowded with the bodies of the dead, came the one who was called The King. Thanks to his unyielding will, The King managed to subdue and unite all the lands. The Kingdom appeared, and the era of the Human began. The King ruled wisely and fairly, but his time on this land ran out: Death came after him. But the will of The King was so strong that he could deny Death.

He grew so proud that he humiliated Death itself. The idea of the overwhelming power and immortality didn’t leave his mind. The King realized that power over the living was not enough for him.

The King decided to get the powerful artefact known as the Death Crown. Thus begins the War of the Death Crown.

Space Commander: War and Trade – £8.99

Dive into the ultimate single-player space sim with multiple career paths, engaging gameplay mechanics, and diversified missions ranging from exciting space battles to an authentic, sandbox RPG experience.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between building a safe yet pedestrian trader career, the honorable, action-packed role of a space ranger, or the profitable but dangerous life of a mobster. Whatever you choose, make sure to excel, gather reputation points for your actions, and obtain access to the most challenging and best-paid missions.

The more money you earn, the better (and bigger!) space fleet you’ll be able to build, consisting of fast and maneuverable fighters, heavy bombers, and large transporters. All can be built according to your needs and customized to reflect your play style.


PROJECT : KNIGHT is a short, real-time combat Collect-A-Thon with a cartoon-y look. Collect golden coins and battle monsters to progress through 6 unique biomes ( worlds ). Defeating monsters will award you Soul Shards which you can use to upgrade your Knight’s power and health.

Start helpless and increase your power!

Taxi Driver – The Simulation – £13.49

Start your day behind the wheel of a yellow taxicab and begin your career as a taxi driver in the US City Hamside. Carry your customers safely and on time to their final destination. Good reliability and consistency will be rewarded. Deliver satisfied customers from pickup to setdown. Tnlock additional vehicles and become the best driver in the City!

Super Shape Shooter – £5.39

Super Shape Shooter is an online 2D Mutliplayer Shooter jump and gun platformer. Choose from three different classes and play in different maps against your friends and have some jump n gun fun in hilarious epic matches.

KASIORI – £6.26

Girls battle with sweets falling block puzzle!

With Single play, 1P versus &2P versus mode.

3 sweets which are same and connected will disappear.

And sweet in bottle be broke by other bottle fell on it.

It is also for beginner to lightly enjoy the puzzle combo.

Total of 8 character appear.

Exodemon – £11.69

You must make your way through maze-like levels, destroying hordes of enemies with your monstrous abilities.

Combining the destructive power of your symbiotic claws with a fast, sharp and fluid movement, you’ll become an indestructible alien killing machine.

In Exodemon you play as a scientist in the edge of the universe who was infected by an alien entity.

The symbiotic force is trying to take control, but you may find a way to control the beast on the confederation laboratories.

Resist the infection and blaze through various locations to reach the last escape pod before you lose what’s left of your humanity.

Turbo Skiddy Racing – £4.99

You race against up to 4 cars, AI-driven or local players, on 14 tracks; As an experienced racer, you will have to manage driving your car on bumpers and jumps, looping roads and even ice.

Don’t let you get overtaken by the fast device driven cars or other players car, avoid collisions and win each race!

The game is built on the best vehicle physics engine available for real driving sensations and a very effective computer driven cars artificial intelligence system.

It features high definition 3D graphics, along with rock music and realistic sound fx as well as stunning visual effects.

If you like car games, this one is different, this one is for you!

Bounce Mania – £3.99

Bounce Mania is an endless side-scrolling game where you bounce balls and other characters on platforms while collecting various power ups.

This experimental journey into magnificent worlds will ask you focus and dexterity.

Simple yet getting tougher and tougher, definitely addictive, this game will bring you hours of guaranteed fun.

20 different characters to collect and play with.

#1 Anagrams – £3.99

Do you enjoy crosswords or word games? Uncover hidden words: connect the letters, interpret the clues, improve your vocabulary, try your memory, challenge yourself and test your English skills.

Why waste time finding and downloading thousands of crosswords when #1 Anagrams generates randomly infinite crosswords for you? On top of that you can enjoy the story mode with 200 crosswords sorted by difficulty level, and solve the Daily Anagram (you get a new one every day) which is the same for everyone in the world.

Are you up to the challenge? #1 Anagrams is a game made by fans for crosswords and word games that will not let you down!

#Wish travel, Super Puzzles Dream – £5.39

Puzzles move onto the next level with ‘Super Puzzle Dream’, a mix between classic jigsaw puzzle and a ‘Tetromino’-style dynamic mechanic.

#Wish travel, is the hashtag for saying YES! …to the trip of your dreams. Your jaw will drop as you complete puzzles with paradisiacal or cultural destinations from all around the world.

Two levels of play, ‘senior’ (for adults) and ‘junior’ (for children aged 3+), guarantee hours of entertainment for all.

Become an expert and finish the puzzles in the shortest possible time and you will find yourself amongst the best in the world on the online leaderboard.

You can also play with friends and family in the one-on-one split-screen competition mode. Your rival won’t make it easy for you! Don’t give up – fill an energy bar to perform a counterattack and put them in their place.

Or have fun working together to complete the puzzles in Cooperative (co-op) mode.



4 Game modes let you play how you want

15 Unique and varied Tennis Courts

19 Exciting characters to play with

Fun for the family and with friends



This original adventure game explores a love story between two beautiful souls through ingenious humour and a bizarre, hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation style. Our hero’s beloved has been abducted by evil spirits, and the only way to reunite them is to reincarnate himself as a dragon to defeat Evil. But something has gone wrong, and his soul is reborn as a worm named Pip.

Now Pip must overcome the challenges of a surreal world, solve mind bending puzzles, and save his love. Choosing between good and evil, Pip learns the laws of Karma, and his choices define the outcome of the game.

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