Snakebyte reveals refreshed PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch ranges, including attractively priced headsets

Peripheral manufacture Snakebyte has revealed a range of accessories for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, intended to closely resemble the look and style of their respective systems.

While working hard to develop new accessories, clearly up against tight deadlines (the new line is due out next month), the team also went the extra mile to eliminate plastic within their packaging, replacing previously plastic inserts with sturdy cardboard.

For PlayStation 5 there’s a mixture of charging docks and headsets, along with the GAMES:TOWER 5 (£19.99) – a storage unit for controllers, with slots for ten game cases and a draw for the media remote. Or whatever else you can shove inside it, we suppose.

The TWIN:CHARGE 5 (£19.99) is a charging dock available in black or white which can power-up two DualSense controllers, featuring coloured LEDs to show charging status.

Snakebyte’s PS5 headset, known as the HEAD:SET 5, surprised us with its low £17.99 entry point. Featuring 40mm drivers and a 1.2 m cable, it also comes with a removable headphone and a separate clip allowing the headset to be hung from a surface. Like the charging dock, it complements the PS5’s design.

Snakebyte was keen to show us some DualSense charging cables too, pointing out that it’s worth making an update when the new consoles arrive. The CHARGE:CABLE 5 and CHARGE:CABLE 5 PRO are available in 3m and 5m options, while the CHARGE&DATA:CABLE 5 is equipped with a USB 3.2 which can be used to exchange data from external HDDs to the PS5’s internal SSD. The HDMI:CABLE 5 PRO (£19.99), meanwhile, provides high-end TVs with 8K transmission at 120 Hz.

The Xbox Series X range is largely the same as the above. The HEAD:SET X (again £17.99) boasts 40mm drivers, a removable microphone, and the storage clip. We really like the green mesh design within this one, resembling the top of the Xbox Series X itself.

Likewise the CHARGE:CABLE SX and CHARGE:CABLE SX PRO are available in 3m and 5m options, able to charge joypads from the comfort of your sofa. The HDMI:CABLE SX PRO (£19.99) is another HDMI 2.1 cable suited for either 4K or 8K TVs, featuring low latency and an 8K transmission at 120 Hz. All have black and green exterior.

It’s with the Xbox Series X charging docks where things are slightly different. Unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series X joypads have removable batteries. As such, the TWIN:CHARGE SX dock (£29.99, available in black or white) comes with two additional 800 mAh battery packs and can charge two controllers at once.

For those not looking for a dock, the battery packs can be purchased separately at £19.99 a pair, including cable a USB-C Y-cable. Their 800 mAh batteries allow for four hours of play.

Snakebyte has also noticed a gap in the market when it comes to Switch charging docks, stepping in with two handy accessories. The DUAL CHARGE:BASE S (£24.99) charges both a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and 2 additional Joy-Cons wirelessly, with an LED to show charging status. It also has integrated storage for ten Switch game cases.

The ARROW:CHARGE S is far more compact, named after its arrow-like shape. At £17.99 it’s cheaper than the above too. This device charges one Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and up to four Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously, making it ideally suited for multiplayer sessions. It’s surprisingly narrow.

Then for Ring Fit Adventure players, there’s the RING:KIT S (£19.99) with two grey padded handles as well as a black adjustable leg strap for the Joy-Con. All are machine washable, we’re informed.

If that wasn’t enough, the GAMING:CHAIR EVO (£179.99) has been designed for long gaming sessions. Wide wings support the shoulders, while a special cushion stabilises the lower back, and the neck cushion help keeps posture. Padded armrests feature too. Made from high-quality vegan leather, it comes in three different colour schemes – blue, green, or sleek black – and has a 24-month guarantee. Those who get extra animated during their gaming sessions will doubtlessly be pleased to hear that it accommodates rocking.  

For those about to rock, we salute you.

Matt Gander

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