Get an Eiffel of this week’s chart

Last week we speculated that The Smurfs 2 may rise up the chart once the movie had been released. Well, we weren’t wrong there – it has shot up all the way to #5 in the UK top 40.

It’s #1 in both the Wii and DS charts, at an absurdly high #5 the Xbox 360 chart and #10 in the PS3 chart.

The game’s pricing is likely to be another reason for its undeserved success – it can be found for a mere £15 in some of the supermarkets.

We’d also wager that price, combined with the kids being off school, has something to do with Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition being the UK’s number one for a second week running. That £12-or-so price tag is a small price to pay to keep them quiet.

Not that we believe Minecraft is strictly kid’s game, you understand.

Back to the top 40. The Last of Us rises up from #3 to #2, while at #3 it’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf followed by FIFA 13 at #4.

Both Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. and Pikmin 3 have left the top ten already, dropping to #11 and #15 respectively.

New Super Luigi U meanwhile falls from #13 to #37. It’s not all bad news for Nintendo though – Luigi’s Mansion 2 is up one whole place to #21.

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