Gears of War 2 in words and pictures

Gears of War 2 is a typically decent sequel, improving on the original in every way possible. It looks and sounds amazing, while the new weapons – including a flamethrower and mortar cannon – have their shortcomings as well as strengths. Which is good. The new multi-player team-based horde mode is stupidly addictive, and the story expands on why the locusts are attacking the humans, which evokes an imposing sense of humanity’s desperation.

One new feature that’s bound to get ignored, though, is this: once you’ve popped your clogs in multi-player you can turn into a ‘ghost camera’ and float around taking photos. These can be uploaded and are rated depending on what’s going on in the shot.

These are a quartet of the better snaps I’ve taken. Clockwise from top left: one of the button bashing chainsaw duels; a pretty explosion; Cole sky diving without a parachute; and the new boom shield being used wisely.

I think I’m probably a better war photographer than I am solider – I’m currently struggling to get any further than wave 16 on horde mode.

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