Another bug hunt

Good news, everybody: D3 will be publishing the Xbox 360 big monster shooter Earth Defense Force X in the US next spring. Well, it’s good news if you live in the US. Keep an eye on Play-Asia to see if the Japanese version is region free. Looks like we’ll know by the end of the week, as that’s when it’s out in the orient.

earthdefenseforcex.jpgThe series has proved to be one of the best straight-to-budget games of recent times, selling out in Japan on numerous occasions. Think along the lines of Grand Theft Auto with giant ants, Godzilla-alikes and UFO attacks instead of hookers, pimps and drug dealers. The sense of freedom and scale is immense, and the two-player mode is great fun.

If you ever see the PAL PlayStation 2 version – known as Monster Attack – then snap it up. It’s far better than the tacky box art suggests.

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