Wii: not as popular as FIFA

No surprises there. If Wii had been released at another time of year, then maybe Zelda would have taken the chart top spot. But as it is, #5 is what it gets, with FIFA 07 hanging on at #1. The best placed Xbox 360 title in launch week, almost exactly a year ago, was Perfect Dark Zero at #12, so it’s certainly not a disaster for Nintendo. Or as much of a disaster as the Xbox 360 launch, anyway.

Two-thirds of Wii buyers went for Zelda; Wii Play was the second most popular, at #9. Red Steel next, at #19, and the last Wii-exclusive in the top 40 is Rayman, at #30. Super Monkey Ball rounds out the Wii top five.

There aren’t any other new entries, but Yoshi’s Island DS makes its debut at #36 in its second week. Thanks to bundling there’s the first appearance of Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged at #35, and Project Gotham Racing 3 climbs 14 to #22.


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