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Halo: Reach

Would a Mario game feel the same if Mario was replaced by, say, a shiny robotic baboon? I’d say that it wouldn’t do as some of the charm and the connection between the player and lead character would be lost. Halo: Reach...
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The news at X10

Microsoft’s X10 press event is underway. Halo: Reach, Lost Planet 2, Fable III, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake and more got an airing but the real big news is that most of them now have release dates. The long awaited Alan Wake is...
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New Game Explosion

Spike TV’s annual videogame award show aired on US televisions last night. Snoop Dog performed live, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves took game of the year and a whole host of new titles were announced. Thanks to the miracle of the internet trailers...
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