Codemasters’ Formula 1 gets the job done

UK Charts

Thinking that Halo: Reach would be #1 until Call of Duty: Black Ops turned up? Think again – after just one week it has been shoved off the top of the chart by Formula 1 2010. It’s the first Formula 1 game to reach #1 since Sony’s Formula 1 2001 over nine years ago.

Long delays haven’t affected Dead Rising 2 either, which strolls in at #3. Then there’s PC thing Civilization V at #4, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock at #6 and PC MMO Final Fantasy XIV at #10. Sports Champions is still selling well, but has dropped from #2 to #5. It has been a bad week for Ubisoft though – Tom Clancy’s HAWK 2 has dropped all the way from #6 to #23 while RUSE has gone from #11 to #31.

Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions has had a rough week too, going from #13 to #32. Ironically, it’s the first Spider-man game in ages that deserves to sell well.

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