Limited Run announces Bubsy and Fighting Force collections, plus a Fear Effect re-release

Limited Run Games have just capped off their ‘LGR3 2024’ event, revealing over twenty new physical releases – including the likes of Toxic Crusaders, GI Joe: Wrath of Cobra, Gimmick 2, and Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition (out next week digitally) – along with a handful of previously unannounced titles.

Following Atari’s acquisition of the IP, there’s Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection for consoles and PC. Powered by Limited Run’s Carbon Engine, and due in 2025, it’s billed as a playable history with interviews and other artefacts. Steps are also being made to improve some titles. There’s no game list, oddly, but it appears to contain Bubsy I and II, the Game Boy iteration, and the infamous Bubsy 3D. The Atari Jaguar exclusive seems AWOL currently.

Then via Square-Enix there’s the return of Fear Effect – the PlayStation’s stylish cel-shaded action game that spawned a sequel. This re-release is set for PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. A double pack containing both games would be more welcome, but we’re still glad to see the original make a comeback.

Limited Run are also partnering with Square-Enix for Fighting Force Collection. This brings together Core Design’s above-average 3D brawler original – once pitched to SEGA as a new Streets of Rage, no less – and its sloppier third-person shooter sequel. Again, it’s due on PS5, PS4, Switch and PC.

PSone cult platformer Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return was confirmed too, due 2025, with the original down for an August release. Gex Trilogy and Clock Tower: Rewind are still on track for this year as well.