Flynn’s Arcade are readying the twin-stick Switch shooter Satryn DX for a July launch

We’d recognise that shade of cyan anywhere. Prolific publisher Flynn’s Arcade are gearing up to release the twin-stick shooter Satryn DX on Switch, which features solid-coloured visuals seemingly influenced by the ZX Spectrum.

It looks set to offer a heady dopamine rush, based around rewarding players with power-ups. The higher your score, the more will spawn, with nine types available to try out. Much like Robotron, saving your pixel art buddies will see your score increase rapidly.

You’re up against twelve different enemy types, in addition to five hazards that can alter the single-screen playing field. Global leaderboards and an interactive manual filled with hints and “useless lore” will also feature.

Priced at £5.99, Satryn DX will turn your Switch’s screen into a melting mess of psychedelics on 18th July.