Atari’s Yars Revenge is being rebooted as a side-scrolling adventure

The ever-prolific WayForward are teaming with Atari to develop Yars Rising.

The original Yars Revenge was a popular Atari 2600 space shooter, something that’ll be referenced here in mini-games. The bulk of the experience instead takes the form of an anime style side-scrolling exploration-based adventure, in which young hacker Emi Kimura attempts to sneak into the QoTech corporation, using stealth and brute force to deal with robotic and alien enemies. From the sound of things, QoTech has some sinister secrets to expose.

 Yars Rising.

Emi will gain new skills as the story progresses, allowing access to new areas and the discovery of secret locations that are spread across a sprawling map.

A modern take on Yars Revenge will also be accessible from the main menu.

Although revealed during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Yars Rising will be coming to all formats. It’s due later this year. The trailer can be found below: