Tomb Raider Collection officially announced for Evercade

Blaze has officially confirmed that a Tomb Raider Collection is coming to Evercade. This cart will also be the pack-in title for the refreshed Evercade VS-R and Evercade EXP-R systems.

Tomb Raider Collection 1, as it’s known, uses Blaze’s new larger Giga Carts that are set to retail at £22.49 ($24.99/€24.99.)

It’ll feature 1996’s Tomb Raider, 1997’s Tomb Raider II, and 1998’s Tomb Raider III. The press release notes that these are “the complete games as they were when first released” so don’t expect them to include any of the campaign add-ons. They will, however, benefit from save states.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in bringing one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time to Evercade. Tomb Raider is a hugely important game series to add to our platform and further expands our growing library of amazing titles from retro eras,” said Blaze CEO, Andrew Byatt.

The press release suggests that more collections from Crystal Dynamics are coming soon. The remaining Tomb Raider games are likely candidates, and we wouldn’t rule out Legacy of Kain either.