Anti-coin collecting 2D platformer Rising Dusk launches in December

If you’re a fan of all things retro, the name Shinyuden likely rings a bell. The Japanese studio has recently brought the likes of Avenging Spirit, Gleylancer, Gynoug, and Shockman to modern platforms.

Their next title isn’t a classic game of yore, but rather a retro inspired new release – Rising Dusk comes from Studio Stobie (Pixel Noir, Okinawa Rush) and takes the form of a 16-bit-style 2D platformer with a twist.

Here, collectible coins harm our heroine – Tamako, a young girl lost in a ghostly realm – and must be avoided at all costs. This presumably means they’re going to be precariously placed throughout the adventure. Every coin accidentally collected has a consequence of some kind.

Inspired by Japanese folklore, it takes place at dusk – hence the title – and is set across 20+ stages with hidden items, secret exits, and all manner of ghouls to befriend.

It’s set to spook players on December 14th, arriving on all formats and PC via Steam.