Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland revealed, features an 8-bit and HD visual toggle

Surprise! A new Rugrats game has been announced ahead of PAX West. Rather than being aimed at younger gamers, Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland appears to be targeting retro enthusiasts, featuring NES-style 8-bit visuals. Well, those who played Rugrats on Game Boy Color as children will likely be in their twenties by now.

Crossing the generation gap, it will also be possible to toggle to modern HD visuals that closer resemble the cartoon series – something the Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remakes did.

Levels can be completed solo or in co-op, with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil as playable characters – each with their own abilities. Stages will feature secrets and boss encounters, and the ability to destroy buildings with Reptar is promised. Angelica, Cynthia, Spike, and other familiar faces will show-up throughout the hopping ‘n bopping adventure.

It’s set to be published by The MIX Games with development underway at Wallride Games – best known for Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl and EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match. Limited Run Games are involved with funding too, looking set to provide a range of collectibles (and presumably physical versions.)

Look out for Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland on PC and consoles in 2024.