Aliens: Dark Descent set to offer squad-based action on consoles and PC

Following on from Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s success, publisher Focus Entertainment has revealed they have a second Aliens game in the works.

Aliens: Dark Descent comes from Tindalos Interactive (Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, Etherium) and takes the form of a single player squad-based action game with real-time combat.

Customize your squad of Colonial Marines and send them into battle, commanding the squad as one unit via a reportedly intuitive control system. They’ll automatically prioritise actions and adapt to environmental situations. Safe zones can also be created, and checkpoints sealed off. There’s also a focus on gathering resources to repair a stranded spacecraft, the Otago.

Rather than slotting into the Alien movie timeline, Dark Descent will feature a new story with a fresh cast of characters, including at least one new threat. It takes place on the planet Lethe, which is said to hold a “sinister” secret.

“The entire team at Tindalos is dedicated to delivering a gaming experience faithful to the spirit of the Alien franchise, and adding its own, never-seen-before elements to this iconic universe. The gameplay we have developed is unique, inspired from our favourite tactical and CRPG games and packaged in nerve-wracking, real-time action. Translating from film to our game the sheer terror caused by the deadliest species known to man was quite a challenge, but I’m confident most of you will end up in strung-out shape – as Hicks himself would say,” said Romain Clavier, CEO & Creative Director at Tindalos Interactive.

It’s due out next year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. The Steam page is already live, featuring a handful of additional screenshots.