Lost in Play is a point ‘n click adventure hoping to reignite your imagination

It has been said that the older we become, the less imaginative we are. Children have that sense of wonder that’s lost over time, succumbing to the drudges of modern-day life.

Modern point and click puzzle adventure Lost in Play aims to reignite idle imaginations, offering a feel-good story drenched in gooey nostalgia.

Described as Monkey Island meets Hey Arnold, it’s a 2D cartoon-like adventure where a brother and sister – Toto and Gal – explore dreamscapes and befriend magical creatures. Together, they must solve puzzles to find their way home.

No text or dialogue will feature – instead, it relies on visual communication. A combination of over 30 puzzles and mini-games will be present, including the chance to play cards with goblins and teach a sheep to fly.

Visually it looks mightily impressive, bearing resemblance to Disney’s celebrated Gravity Falls.

Happy Juice Games â€˜ Lost In Play will launch on both Nintendo Switch and Steam later this Summer for $19.99/€17.99/£15.49. Pillow fort optional.

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