Demon Turf: Neon Splash puts a twist on the platforming formula, available now

Demon Turf – Playtonic Friends’ colourful 3D platformer with 2D characters – has received an inexpensive spin-off, available now on the Switch eShop and Steam for £4.99.

Demon Turf: Neon Splash sees Beebz and her friends stuck in a surreal, neon-coloured, painting. It’s a combat-free experience based around speedrunning and traversal, which also allows players to place their own checkpoints.

Considering the low entry point, it sounds like a comprehensive package: ten stages, remixed levels, hidden collectibles, six mods to experiment with, a photo mode, plus a bonus to unlock upon achieving 100% completion.

The original Demon Turf launched last November and managed to garner a respectable 76% Metacritic.

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