Blooper Team showcases The Medium with a new 14-minute clip

Ahead of its 28th Jan release date, horror specialists Blooper Team (Blair Witch, Observer: System Redux, Layers of Fear) have released a 14-minute video for The Medium.

The Xbox console exclusive promises to be their most ambitious and biggest project yet, arriving as a full-price release.

Titular medium Marianne can explore two locations at once – the real world and a spirit world, which allows for ‘dual-reality’ puzzle-solving.

Around a third of the action takes place in the real world, a third in the spirit world, and a third in both realms simultaneously.

Marianne shares her power with the game’s antagonist The Maw – voiced by Troy Baker. The Maw is visible and powerful in the spirit world but can be stopped using Marianne’s physic abilities. Travelling to real-world flips the tables. Here, The Maw is invisible and blind, forcing them to rely on sound to pinpoint Marianne’s whereabouts.

Take a look at the footage below.

Published by Microsoft, The Medium is amongst the first wave of titles from the platform holder’s newly acquired studios, developed especially with the Xbox Series X in mind.

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