The creators of ReCore and Dead Star reveal PS4 exclusive Where the Heart Is

Texas-based Armature Studio – creators of ReCore and Dead Star – have revealed Where the Heart Is, a PlayStation 4 exclusive narrative adventure launching this winter.

Following a tumble down a sinkhole, which mysteriously appears one stormy night, the mild-mannered Whit Anderson gains the ability to rewrite key moments of his life. While trapped in this dreamlike haze, pieces of his memory come together, giving chance to experience his childhood, learn about his family – including the brother he shunned – and discover the highs and lows of his life.

At key moments, Whit can choose to alter his past, albeit at the risk of changing the path which helped form his family.

Armature promises hundreds of different choices, leading to dozens of possible endings.

“Our lived experience is like a dream—lying somewhere between the material facts of the moment and how we perceive that moment in our minds,” said Todd Keller, director of Armature Studio.

“Where the Heart Is makes the dream lucid, inviting players to reflect on their lives as they walk through Whit’s. Perhaps they’ll find the grass really is greener, or that ‘home’ was inside them all along,” he continues.

Armature are rolling out screenshots and more information across their social media channels, including a dedicated page on Instagram. Give the trailer a watch and see what you think.

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