Out this week: John Wick Hex, Fury Unleashed, Void Bastards, SuperMash, more

The PS4 plays catch up this week, gaining belated releases of John Wick Hex – first released on PC late last year – and Void Bastards, the strikingly bold first-person shooter which went down well on Xbox One almost a year ago. The latter is out on Switch this week, too.

John Wick Hex isn’t your typical movie tie-in, not that we see many these days. It’s a hex-based tactical shooter with a puzzle game slant, developed by the minds behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume. Void Bastards, meanwhile, sees a ragtag bunch salvaging goods from randomly generated space stations. A little sketchy in places, but generally very good.

Fury Unleashed goes all-in on random generation as well. This comic book-style run and gunner has been stuck in development for five years, undergoing various transformations. We’ve spent some time with it, and it looks like the team managed to get the project back on track – it’s fast-paced, controls brilliantly, and has an addictive streak thanks to a focus on score chasing.

Then there’s SuperMash, which seems to be flying under the radar despite being an almost wholly original concept – it allows you to fuse two genres together to create your own offbeat games, before challenging your friends on your stitched-together creations. This also arrived on PC late last year – some critics found it a little too random for its own good, suggesting it may be worth waiting for reviews of this console version to drop.

This leaves us with…not much else, really. EMMA: Lost In Memories might be worth a look – it’s a 2D puzzle adventure with soft cartoon visuals. Task Force Kampas is the latest 2D shooter from eastasiasoft, while Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime brings more hidden object-based puzzle-solving to Xbox One. Tactical RPG Sin Slayers should finally be out on Xbox One as well – we originally had it pegged for last week.

Just like April, May’s biggest releases aren’t due until the end of the month. These include Minecraft Dungeons, Monstrum, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, Maneater, and a triple-whammy of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Borderlands Legendary Collection and Bioshock: The Collection on Switch.

New release showcase

Fury Unleashed


John Wick Hex

Void Bastards

EMMA : Lost In Memories 

Task Force Kampas

New multiformat releases

  • Fury Unleashed
  • SuperMash
  • Infinite: Beyond the Mind
  • Reed 2
  • Task Force Kampas

New on PSN

  • Taimumari: Complete Edition
  • John Wick Hex
  • Void Bastards
  • EMMA: Lost in Memories

New on Xbox One

  • Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland
  • Zombies ruined my day
  • Sin Slayers
  • Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes
  • Professional Farmer: American Dream
  • Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020
  • Duke of Defense

New Switch retail releases

  • Construction Machines Simulator

Next week: Ion Fury, Deep Rock Galactic, Potata: fairy flower, Huntdown, Star Wars Episode I: Racer,  Thy Sword, Super Mega Baseball 3, Edge Of Eternity, Dungeon of the Endless, and Those Who Remain.

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