Ocean’s PSone arcade shooter Viper is now available on Steam

One of Ocean’s final releases – the 1998 PSone helicopter shooter Viper – has gained a Steam re-release, available for just over a fiver.

The history of this shooter can be traced back to 1996’s Tunnel B1, which was originally going to feature helicopter side-missions. Ocean felt the two gameplay styles didn’t compliment each other (Tunnel B1 featured futuristic hovercraft…and lots of tunnels), and so the airborne sections lead to the conception of Viper.

Acclaim once signed on as the US publisher, but for whatever reason, Viper remained a European exclusive. Today, it’s one of the more obscure and lesser-known games for the PSone.

We can recall the brightly coloured the box art, but not the game itself – back in 1998 it came and went with barely a whisper. The Steam page has gameplay footage and a handful of screenshots, should your memory need a jog.

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