Retro Gamer’s special 200th issue arrives

Bring out the fizzy pop and sugary snacks – it’s party time at Retro Gamer. The British publication, which launched in 2004, has reached the 200th issue milestone.

The new issue – hitting newsstands 31st October – has been in the planning for months, with the team working hard to create something special. With our subs copy arriving today, we can safely say their work has paid off. It’s a beast of an issue, taking readers through the history of gaming, complete with a timeline of significant events.  

Beginning with the creation of Space War and ending with the booming VR headset market, it looks at the beginnings of Atari and Nintendo, the history of gaming magazines, the rise of consoles in the ‘90s, and such landmark events as the arrival of 3D gaming, the world wide web, and the compact disc.

Pong, GTA III, Super Mario 64, Minecraft, Wii Sports, and Jet Set Willy also receive a page or two each, while World of Warcraft is treated to a six-page spread.

And no – we haven’t just spoilt the whole thing. There are more features besides.

Pulling out all the stops, issue 200 also comes with a 14-track Turrican music CD and a double-sided Army of Trolls/Melkhior’s Mansion poster. Gary Lucken’s ravishing pixel art adorns the cover, too.

Congrats to editor Darren and the team. Sixteen years on, the magazine continues to go from strength to strength.

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