New year, new Wii U

This year commences with more of a whimper than a bang for Nintendo fans – just three new releases are due on the eShop this week, two of which we’ve already seen in different guises.

With the Switch just three months away, we have a feeling that the pickings are going to be slim on the eShop until Nintendo’s shiny new hybrid system arrives.


On Wii U this week there’s RCMADIAX’s gravity based score chaser CUP CRITTERS (£1.39) which managed to elude the press when it hit 3DS last month. Not a single review on Metacritic.

That’s joined by the slightly more exciting sounding Spheroids (£6.99), which takes its cue from arcade classic Pang and adds additional platforming elements. Footage can be found here.

Then on 3DS there’s Quiet, Please! (£2.99), which graced Wii U some time ago. It’s a collection of three short pixel art adventures – Quiet, Please!, Quiet Christmas and Vacation Vexation. We’ve seen some mildly positive things said about all three, but their length is obviously an issue. Quiet Christmas allegedly takes all of ten minutes to finish, we kid you not.

The 3DS also gets a few more pieces of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse DLC. The Level Cap Unlock and Lore 3: Tokyo and Mikado History DLC will be available for free, while Depths of Twisted Tokyo (99p), A Godslayer Needs Items (£2.49) and Messiahs in the Diamond Realm (£2.79) are paid for.

Nothing taking your fancy yet? Well, the excellent SteamWorld Heist gets a permanent price drop to £10.99 from Thursday. Luv Me Buddies Wonderland and Fit Music for Wii U also get a permanent drop, down to £15.90 apiece.


As for temporary price cuts, the following a due a drop on Wii U: Alice in Wonderland (£3.40), Cube Life: Island Survival (£6.39), Rubik’s Cube (£3.59), Jones on Fire (£2.29) and REPTILIAN REBELLION (£1.34). Over on 3DS meanwhile The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind (£4.19), Tiny Games – Knights & Dragons (£1.49) and Rubik’s Cube (£3.59) can be had on the cheap.

This leaves us with one, solitary, 3DS theme – Monster Hunter Generations’ The Fated Four, which will set you back £1.79.

Matt Gander

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