Wii U and 3DS about to get Severed

We were starting to think that Drinkbox Studio’s Severed would never find its way from PS Vita and onto other formats. Pleasingly, this isn’t the case – the RPG-light adventure, starring a one-armed female warrior, graces both Wii U and 3DS this Thursday.

As well as crossbuy support, it’s also arriving with a discount in place – £10.79 until 29th August (£11.99 thereafter). Scores for the PS Vita version included a stonking 9.5 from Destructoid, so you can see why we’re pleased as punch to see this one going multi-format.


In the eyes of Nintendo, Noitu Love: Devolution (£6.99) is the week’s eShop highlight. This too is due on both formats with a crossbuy offer – buy it on one format, and get it for £3.99 on the other.

Clearly cut from the same cloth as Contra, Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes, it’s an arcade shooter of the 2D pixel art variety. There’s one major difference to the aforementioned, though – it has a pointer driven control scheme. A choice of control methods is in place – reign fire either with the GamePad and stylus, or Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Nintendo Life gave the Wii U version the review treatment last week, resulting in an 8/10. “Noitu Love: Devolution feels like a love letter to the likes of Gunstar Heroes, Metal Slug or Contra; yet it’s also a romance as per the vision of developer Konjak. While it feels like those familiar arcade romps of yore, then, this game is also decidedly its own thing; it’s all the better for it,” they said.


The Wii U also gets the cutsey 2D puzzler Dreamals: Dream Quest (£8.99), Missile Command clone Laser Blaster (£1.79), Breakout clone Double Breakout (£6.00), the dully titled MahJong (£4.49), and RCMADIAX’s vertical platformer TITANS TOWER (£1.39).

Some free (hurrah!) Minecraft: Wii U Edition DLC is due, too – the Minecon 2016 Skin Pack.

In addition to Noitu Love: Devolution and Severed, the 3DS also sees the release of the Japanese colour-based auto-runner Polara (£4.99) and a piece of Phoenix Wright DLC. The full title? Take a deep breath – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice: Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney. That’ll set you back £3.59 (and a new pair of lungs).

Over in the world of Wii U discounts, you’ll find the following on offer: Frankenstein – Master of Death (£5.39), Joe’s Diner (£3.75), Suspension Railroad Simulator (£4.79), Paranautical Activity (£3.99), Stone Shire (£1.39), 3Souls (£2.40) and Word Party (£7.49).

Then on 3DS the following are due a drop: good old Real Heroes Firefighter 3D – Download Version (£4.49), Dan McFox: Head Hunter (£1.49), Van Helsing sniper Zx100 (£2.99) and a handful of others from EnjoyUp.

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