Swap it like it’s hot

Football Up Online, The Swapper, a bunch of premium-priced downloads and two Mega Man Virtual Console re-releases – that’s what you’ll find on the UK Nintendo eShop this week.

Curve Digital’s puzzle platformer hybrid The Swapper performed very well on PlayStation, with the PS Vita version in particular gaining a lofty 86% Metacritic.

“The Swapper manages to be both a perfect example of ‘genre fiction’ (it’s a sci-fi experience up there with Moon, Solaris or Alien), it also manages to make itself an exemplar of a ‘genre game’ – a puzzler so fresh in its ideas, yet so widely familiar, that no matter how you like your brain to get picked at, The Swapper will satisfy you” said gamesTM back in July.


The clay-molded world is one you should consider exploring – we’ve barely heard a bad word about it. It’s due on Wii U this Thursday for £11.99.

Just in time for the FA Cup comes Football Up Online, available as a 89p upgrade for those who already own Football Up on 3DS. Details are scarce however, and the standard version of Football Up (aka Soccer Up) didn’t fare too well at all. Incidentally, that gets a permanent price drop this week down to £2.36.

As for downloads of upcoming retail releases, Ultimate NES Remix on 3DS (£34.99) leads the way. We imagine that the bite-sized challenges it offers will suit on-the-go-gaming perfectly. GamesRadar gave it 4/5 earlier this week, pretty much confirming this.


Then there’s Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue (£34.99 – Wii U/£24.99 – 3DS) and 3DS virtual pet things Petz Beach (£19.99), Petz Countryside (£19.99) and I Love My Horse (£19.99). Just say neigh.

Those two aforementioned Mega Man games are SNES romps Mega Man X3 and Mega Man 7 on Wii U, priced at £5.49 each. Mega Man X3 was such a late release for the SNES that Capcom saw fit to release it on PSone and Saturn too.

Weekly discounts now, and for £2.49 the beautifully bouncy Siesta Fiesta is a steal. 99Seconds and Abyss on Wii U meanwhile drop to £1.37 and 89p respectively, but only if you own one or the other.

Finally, 2D puzzle adventure Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure gets a permanent cut to £2. Apparently it’s not too bad. A grower perhaps?

Matt Gander

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