It’s The Last of Us atop the UK chart for a sixth week.

Last week’s ‘big’ release, Dynasty Warriors 8 wasn’t desperately likely to depose it, but manages a very respectable #5. Nintendo will be hoping that Pikmin 3 does the deed next week.

Back to this week though, Minecraft is up a few to #2, then it’s Nintendo’s 3DS pair: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros holding firm at #3, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf down a couple to #4.

Our old friend ‘retailer promotions’ means Max Payne 3 is the week’s big winner, up 19 to #7. It’s not the only big mover though. The terrible Aliens: Colonial Marines jumped 12 places to #10 last week, but this week deservedly falls back 16 places to #26. Just ahead of that at #25 is Mario Kart 7, up 15 places.