E3: Summer of Arcade titles announced

The quartet of titles forming this year’s Summer of Arcade promotion has been announced, and as always it’s an assortment that’ll cater for all tastes no matter how diverse.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows looks set to be one of Activision’s better licensed games, although to be fair that’s perhaps not saying much. The four-player online co-op beat’em up has been designed to appeal to both long time Turtles fans and those who have only just been introduced to the franchise.

Then there’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from The Darkness/Syndicate developers Starbreeze. Some members of the gaming press have already reviewed this one – GamesMaster awarded it 91%, describing it as “Limbo meets Ico, in Fable’s world”.

Microsoft’s Charlie Murder couldn’t be any more different – it’s a 2D brawler from the developer of The Dishwasher with a hand-drawn art-style. This leaves us with Ubisoft’s revamp of Flashback, which we’re really hoping is as good as we remember.

Last week it was announced that Doodle Jump Kinect will be appearing on XBLA this summer, priced at a pleasing 400 MSP. We can’t even remember the last XBLA title to cost that little.

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