eBay round-up: limited edition edition

Usually our eBay round-ups are distinctly retro flavoured, but we’re kicking this month’s run down off with some new games.

The Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition is highly sought after, especially seeing it wasn’t released in the US. This big box pack, which comes with a Sonic statue and a ‘gold’ ring, has been selling from everything from £94 to £230. It goes without saying that if you see one of these in Cash Converters, snap it up.

America did though get Metal Gear Solid HD Collection before us Europeans and as the PS3 version is region free a lot of people have turned to eBay. A limited edition version also exists which comes with an art book. One of these sets went for £101 after 20 bids. Zavvi has the rights to the UK limited edition of which only 10,000 copies are being made – 6,000 on PS3 and 4,000 on Xbox 360. At the time of typing you can still pre-order it for £69.99 yet that hasn’t stopped people from bidding on this auction which ended at £240 after 25 bids.

Limited edition packs are nothing new. A seller has been trying to get shot of three very rare limited edition sets for the Mega Drive – Primal Rage, Phantom 2040 and Batman Forever – for £1,249.99 a pop but had no luck. He did later however sell the Phantom 2040 set for £376 (19 bids).

A seller also bagged £570 (24 bids) for the rare Sega 32X PAL version of Primal Rage. Just to show how common the US version is in comparison, a US version sold for £25.

On the SNES an apparently new copy of Titus’ Wild Guns fetched £537 (27 bids) while a new copy of Puzzle Bobble: Bust A Move went for £144 after 14 bids. How about a new SNES to play them on? A new Killer Instinct bundle sold for £195 (19 bids).

An Amstrad GX4000 console won’t set you back much. We’ve even heard of people struggling to sell them. A few games for it though are now worth a pretty penny – Panza Kick Boxing, Plotting and TinTin on the Moon sold for €134 (£114), €75 (£64) and €36 (£31) respectively. You have to feel sorry for any child that was given one of these for Xmas instead of a Mega Drive. It did though have a very good version of Pang.

Finally, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one that always sells for a packet but this auction ended higher than most – €369 (£315) from 15 bids. We’re quite amazed it has held its value seeing it has been on Xbox Live Arcade for a couple of years now.

Matt Gander

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  • Primal Rage is rubbish. People will buy anything.

    Love your eBay articles by the way. Always great reads :-)

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