Sony’s new purse pleasing PSP E-1000

Sony has shown a new budget priced model of the PSP at Gamescom – the PSP E-1000. Wasn’t E-1000 the name of the bad guy in Terminator 2?

It’s set to retail at 99 Euro (which works out at £86 by today’s exchange rate) and resembles the original PSP rather than the horrid and flimsy beast that was the PSPgo.

There’s no WiFi, presumably to keep costs down, but games can still be purchased from the PlayStation Store via Media Go or played from UMD. It’ll have the same charcoal matte finish to match the slim PS3, because everybody loves to have matching consoles.

The PlayStation Blog reports that “PSP E-1000 will be available across PAL” suggesting that it might not be due for release in the US.

The PSP has a fine range of titles, including some brilliant RPGs, but you have to wonder what Sony’s train of thought is here. The PSVita is just around the corner and the number of titles left for release on the original PSP is pitiful. A quick view of the ‘coming soon’ lists on both Game and Play reveals just 10 titles between them, three of which are annual sports updates.

Let’s hope they’re not going to be selling this one at a loss because they certainly aren’t going to make that money back from new releases.

Matt Gander

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  • Wow, what a bargain! At 99 Euros that means £99 here, which is just £30 shy of a PSP-3000 or £15 shy of a 3DS.

    I have a feeling it won’t be available in Japan either, considering how much Monster Hunter relies on local multipayer…

  • No WiFi? So you can’t play any online games? Oh, and anyone remember that whole thing where Sony went on about digital downloads being the future of the PSP? Heck, isn’t the Vita barking about its online functionality?

    Oh well, the PS Vita (still can’t get used to that name…) is about 6 months away, so it’s not like the PSP matters at all now. If Sony had any brains they’d release a super basic version for <£50 just to harm 3DS sales and tie users into the PSP online store.

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