Crackdown 2 still on top

UK Charts

Usually we grumble about movie tie-ins selling well, but word has it that Toy Story 3 is surprisingly inventive so we have no issues with it entering at #5 in the chart. But what’s this? Dance on Broadway has gone from #4 to #2, pushing LEGO Harry Potter to #3. That’s a grumble right there, that is.

Crackdown 2 holds onto the top chart position for a second week running while a surge titles have shot back up, presumably due to the release of the new Xbox 360. Alan Wake has gone from #23 to #11, Bioshock 2 from #24 to #12 and Split/Second up from #22 to #16. Forza 3 makes a re-appearance at #39 too.

Transformers: War for Cyberton is the biggest faller of the week, dropping from #19 to #35. If it doesn’t manage to outsell last year’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tie-in then there really isn’t any justice in the world.

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