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This Week’s Games

There isn’t a great deal out this week, folks.

Oxygen’s Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is available on both DS and Wii and looks almost identical to Theme Hospital, which isn’t a bad thing. Oxygen don’t exactly have a good track record though, so maybe approach with caution.

Only one for Xbox 360 this week – baseball sim The Bigs 2 which you can find for under £20 online. GamesRadar really enjoyed it, dishing out 9/10.

On DS there’s Line Rider: Freestyle, which is based on the popular online game while Wii owning fatties can get sweaty with My Fitness Coach Cardio Workout.

All five Harry Potter movies are also being re-released on PSP UMD this week at a not too shabby £19.99. If you’re going away on holiday this summer then it might not be a bad purchase to make a long flight go quicker.

Next Week: Wii Sports Resort with Wii MotionPlus, Major Minors Majestic March and the budget priced Watchmen The End is Nigh.

Matt Gander

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