Fifty five quid?!

Modern Warfare 2 will have an RRP of £54.99. It’s like the Nintendo 64 all over again.

Earlier this week UK inflation dropped to 1.8%, but it was noted that computer games in particular are very much bucking that trend, costing more now than a year ago.

Development costs, slower next-gen take up, and a weakened pound have been blamed. All valid points, but what it adds up to is publishers pushing up the price on the big titles, because they can.

Remember 2002’s Fair Play campaign? It tried to convince everyone that if you put prices down, you’ll sell more games, and thus make more money. Turns out it’s still going, sort of, but it’s got even more to do now if it’s going to get games priced at under £20 as standard.

Retailers will probably end up cutting prices in the run up to Christmas again this year, unless there’s some miraculous upturn in the economy. But would such cuts be enough to counter the higher RRPs we’ll see? Based on this week’s inflation news, it seems unlikely.

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