The Club


When a game sells about as well as chocolate covered poo it’s a blow to both the developer and publisher. But it’s not all bad news – after hanging around on shelves for a few months unwanted games more often than not end up in the bargain bin at silly prices. Is £2.97 a silly price to pay for The Club on Xbox 360? I’d say that it’s about a sensible as a giving yourself a paper cut in the eye.

The Club is a result of Project Gotham Racing developers Bizarre Creations trying to do something different with the third person shoot’em up genre. If you fail to kill anybody as you run around the maze-like environments then your score multiplier starts “bleeding out”. Some levels require you to simply stay alive for three minutes or so while enemies swarm towards you, others force you to run and gun to a signposted exit killing as many people as you can on the way. The most unique levels play like something out of a racing game with laps to complete and time extension tokens to pick up.

Trying to beat high scores and rack up huge multipliers is addictive stuff but I think the main reason I enjoyed playing this is that on casual mode it’s stupidly easy. I managed to play through the whole game, dying only once or twice, in around three hours. The levels are short but varied; I just wanted to keep playing to see what was coming next. And of course, because it’s so easy I didn’t find myself wanting to throw the joypad across the room in frustration.

If you fancy feeling like a big man for a few hours, then blowing a fiver or so on The Club isn’t a bad thing to do.

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