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There’s no new number #1, with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games staying on top for a sixth week in a row, but there are three new entries in the top ten. Lost: The Videogame goes in at #3, Frontlines: Fuel of War at #4 and the Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey at a surprisingly high #6. Then again, it has been heavily advertised on Xbox Live and it’s not as if the 360 is swarming with quality RPGs.

As a result of these new entries, a few titles have dropped out, including Devil May Cry 4 which has fallen from #4 to #15, and Turok which has dropped from #7 to #18. The Simpsons Game has sunk the most though – all the way from #10 to #29. I somehow doubt that a lack of copies on shelves is to blame.

The sharp-eyed chaps at Chart Track also point out that the original Brain Training game on DS is back at #1 in the DS chart for the 41st time since release.

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