Caught by the fuzz

Project GamerzProject Gamerz (yes, it’s a terrible, terrible name, but let’s move on) is a project set up by the Metropolitan Police, involving various technology companies including XLEAGUE.TV – where you’ll find a PDF press release you should at least skim-read.

As far as I can gather, it’s basically the police putting on gaming sessions, to get young people to come anywhere near the police, so that the police can talk to young people. Is this sort of thing common? Though it seems incredibly contrived, surely more contact with the police is a good thing.

And it’s probably not costing the police a lot of money. Companies love to look like they’re doing good work in the community, so the likes of Packard Bell (who are involved in this project) are only too keen to contribute to – and more importantly have their brand associated with – such projects. Again, it’s not a bad thing per se, it’s just the way these things work.

But I’m still left feeling that all isn’t right, and this isn’t the relationship that young people should have to the police. Maybe I’m being stupidly old fashioned. I’d be very interested in anyone’s thoughts – the comments section awaits.

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