Sonic RPG resurfaces

Bioware’s Sonic RPG for Nintendo DS isn’t a secret – it was first announced back in June – but so little has been heard of it since that many thought it had been canned. Not so: it’s on the cover of this month’s Nintendo Power magazine, complete with a fat pack of details and screens.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is the full title, and the most interesting sounding aspects include a hand drawn water-colour visual style, remixes of classic Sonic tunes and two worlds to explore – Sonic’s homeworld and a dark world. It’s controlled completely via the stylus too, a la Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Four members can be in a party at any time, taken from a choice of eleven (Big the Cat is back!), but to be honest it sounds rather like your typical RPG – experience points, levelling up, team attacks, side quests and turn based battles. No random battles thankfully though. We just hope that Sonic has been made mute – we couldn’t put up with a whole RPG filled with his high-pitched whiny voice.

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