Comic-Con 07 round up

Although none instantly spring to mind, I’m sure that some videogames have made their first appearance at the annual Comic-Con in the past. This year there were quite a number, which might be down to the fact that E3 was scaled down.

LEGO Indiana Jones was the biggest surprise; everybody thought that Travellers’ Tales would be hard at work on LEGO Batman and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. But whereas LEGO Batman is heading for just about every format going, Indy is only down for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii at present. Expect a PlayStation 2 and DS version to join them though: it’s not like they will be dead by the time it’s released – Summer 2008. The trailer shows Indy dodging spear-throwing natives, running away from giant boulders and collecting spinning LEGO pieces.

After the disastrous Rise of the Imperfects, you would think that Marvel wouldn’t trust EA with their characters. Not so: they’re working on a currently untitled Marvel brawler. The good news is that developers EA Chicago – them behind the pretty good Def Jam: Icon and Fight Night games – are working on it. All we know is that it’ll feature both heroes and villains and include large environments. It’s on its way to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

When Ubisoft first announced a game based on Lost – back in May 2006 – they said it would appear on handhelds in addition to PC. Looks like now it will only be out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Rather than playing as any of the cast, you’re placed in the sand-filled boots of a random survivor of the plane crash. There are puzzles to solve, the smoke monster to encounter, caves to explore, and the cast from the show can be interacted with. The character models look spot on, although that’s what we would expect in this day and age. If the press release is to be believed you’ll eventually be able to get back home.

Sega’s Iron Man game – which will tie in with the movie – was heavily shown at the show. The demo saw the metallic hero flying around an arctic army base, catching missiles in his hands then lobbing them back where they came from. The character model is apparently the same as the one that appears in the movie, and although he looks the part, the environments looks a little bland. It’s on its way to all formats – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PlayStation 2 and PC. Have a look at the interview here. The chap gets very excited.

There’s also a new Looney Tunes platformer in development. You can see it in motion here if you’re one of the few people who still think that Taz and Daffy Duck are cool.

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