Sonic RPG – good or bad news?

News of a Sonic RPG – currently untitled – for Nintendo DS should send a cold shiver down your spine. Sonic is fast, and that’s about his only notable characteristic. So suited to an RPG he is not. There’s a but.

But! There is was. BioWare – who we knew from an announcement back in September are working on a DS title – are doing the development. And they know their RPG onions – Knight of the Old Republic and all that.

So what to make of all this? Let’s consult BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka: “As huge fans of Sonic ourselves, we’re committed to delivering a truly amazing story-driven experience within the Sonic universe, focusing on capturing the character’s broad appeal and placing him in a completely original adventure.” Okay Ray, you have the benefit of the doubt for now.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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