Get your D12s out

When I was younger I used to love Games Workshop, and I spent many an afternoon pushing the models around in the in-store battles and buying the ridiculously expensive books. Indeed, whenever I smell the heady smell of paint and sweat, I’m reminded of being a massive social outcast and thinking Marilyn Manson was good. Ah, the good ol’ days.

But now you can have all the fun of disaffection and nerdiness without having to leave the house and expose yourself to the hypocritical laughter of cunts, as THQ are publishing Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command on the PSP. It’s a turn based affair – which is a sensible move as that’s basically what the table top game is – that focuses on single player missions and stories, although nine multiplayer maps will be available to play locally or over the internet, with up to eight players supported. If they can keep the online play simple and quick enough, it could well be brilliant.

The only reservation I have is that you play as Ultramarines facing the Choas Marines. Ultramarines are rubbish. Give me Blood Angels any day.

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