Light emitting diodes

“Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can” goes the theme tune to the cartoon series. Funny – we must have missed the episode where Peter Parker climbed up a plug-hole then got stuck in the bath as he can’t run up the sides, and then got squished with a bit of toilet roll. And theoretically shouldn’t he be spraying webs out of his arse?

Moving swiftly on: GameRankings reveals that – as of 19:19pm on Thursday 3rd May – not a single website has reviewed Spiderman 3 on any given format. Activision says it’s because they don’t want people to post spoilers about the film but those that have played the game say it’s glitchy and rushed out. The Wii version is apparently shorter than the other versions too and is missing a handful of moves, such as the rather pointless ability of sitting on top of lampposts.

Eledees – LED, see? – has finally made it out on Wii in Europe this week too. It’s a cross between a light-gun game and Pikmin, with fun but shallow seemingly the gist of most reviews. Probably a good one to rent over the May bank holiday.

Another one to put some hours into is the totally revamped Final Fantasy III on DS. Our Adam is a big fan, calling it lovely and such other things.

Next week: Command & Conquer on 360 and yet more Harvest Moon.

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