Cool runnings

Slim pickings this week, folks. Diddy Kong Racing is the most prolific release, though reviews have been mixed. The touch screen controls don’t work too well, the graphics aren’t as smooth as expected and the character voices are still as annoying as before. Apparently though Rare had to change Taj the Elephant’s Indian voice…

On PlayStation 2, ex-Acclaim game The Red Star has finally made it out, around three years after it was originally due. It’s a top down shooter with a retro vibe and isn’t a bad little blast. Game has Free Running on PlayStation 2 and PSP down for release this week, but it appears that it was actually out last week. It’s another title that’s been stuck in development – it was a PSP launch game at one point.

On PlayStation 3 there’s the paranormal shooter F.E.A.R – another 360 conversion – while Zendoku is out on PSP and DS. It’s the first game from Zoonami, who were once working on the mysterious and much hyped ‘Game Zero’ for GameCube and the similarily mystifying Funkydilla. Odd, then, that Zendoku is just a variant of Sudoku.

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