Do a barrel roll!

Today Nintendo released two new titles for the European Virtual Console. They are seminal shooter Lylat Wars and Donkey Kong Jr. Math, for 1000 and 500 points respectively.

First, the good news. Lylat Wars (also known as Star Fox 64) is every bit as ace as it was ten years ago. The things that really make it stand out are the quality of the story-telling and the non-linear structure though, both of which are great. The bosses are also worth a mention, especially the giant clam and the floating monkey head. It’s easily worth a tenner.

Now, the bad news. Donkey Kong Jr. Math, or DKJM for short, is out. Quite frankly, it’s about as much fun as invasive surgery. Of all the titles Nintendo could have chosen, of all their rich back catalogue, why choose this steaming pile of dog vomit? Nintendo are trying to market it as a Brain Training-type thing, but that won’t fly. This is more likely to send you into a coma than teach you maths. It’s not even proper maths, it’s just sums. They could have least made a level on eigenvectors.

Game Of The Week: Lylat Wars.

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