Over Horizon x Steel Empire launches next week – and at a steal of a price

“Bargain approaching! Bargain approaching!” Next week sees the release of the retro shooter collection Over Horizon x Steel Empire on PS4 and Switch, arriving at the knockdown price of £13.49. If you’re quick about it, an extra 10% discount can be had for pre-orders.

This collection, published by ININ, includes the 1991 NES shooter Over Horizon, along with the Mega Drive (1992) and GBA (2004) iterations of the Steel Empire – known for its bold steampunk/industrial aesthetic.

Over Horizon, developed by Steel Empire’s co-director, only released in parts of Europe and Japan and is known for being one of the better shooters on the NES. Steel Empire, too, was praised upon release for its unique setting. Today it’s seen as a cult classic.

Moreover, physical copies of all three are expensive to acquire nowadays – both Over Horzion and Steel Empire on GBA routinely sell for over £100 each.

Look out for Horizon x Steel Empire on PSN and the Switch eShop on 18th July. If you prefer a physical copy, Strictly Limited have a variety of boxed releases, including the recent Steel Empire remake.