The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak, Food Truck Simulator, Hot Blood, and Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero hit the Switch

Although it’s one of the more subdued weeks for new Switch eShop releases, it’s still leaps and bounds over the dry weeks we had to endure during the Wii U’s reign, with a handful of notable new releases upon us. Only a few, mind.

There’s a new RPG on the agenda, in the form of NiS America’s well received The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak. Set to cost £53.99 on the eShop, it gained a 9/10 from Nintendo World Report and an 8/10 from Nintendo Life. “Though it’s held back a bit by things like the awkward introduction of action-based combat and some irritating quirks (and nearly unreadable text in portable mode), this is still an entry that we would strongly recommend to both series fans and, yes, newcomers, too. Trails through Daybreak is a strong inaugural outing, offering another fresh start for this franchise; we’d suggest you give it a shot,” said NL.

The Switch also gains MACHI KORO With Everyone, a digital version of a million selling city building board game that’s big in Japan. And Germany, from the looks of it. That’s joined by a belated Switch release of Food Truck Simulator. We reviewed the Xbox One version back in January, awarding it a lukewarm 6/10. The story mode is quite involving, but the UI and controls are finicky, and the visuals are of the Xbox 360 era quality. The screenshots suggests that the graphics have received a further downgrade on Switch, looking blurrier than the kebab shop menu at 3am.

On that note, eastasiasoft is back with Hot Blood, a low-poly zombie bashing brawler from the creators of Drunken Fist. Its predecessor didn’t score highly with critics, so fingers crossed the developers have learned from their mistakes.

Then from Ratalaika there’s Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero, a late (1997) Super Famicom entry in the series that introduces a few beat’em up elements. It was also released for the Satellaview add-on, making it a real curio.

Other releases include a conversion of the mobile hit The Battle Cats Unite, the Valhalla-set sci-fi 3D battler Taboo Trial, and the colourful teamwork focused action platformer River Tails: Stronger Together. Teamwork makes the dream work. Or so they tell us at work. Repeatedly.

New Switch eShop releases

MACHI KORO With Everyone – £20.99

MACHI KORO With Everyone is a digital board game that combines the classic analog board game Machi Koro, which was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year) in 2015 and has sold over a million copies worldwide, with its sister game Machi Koro: Plus into one package.

It can be played offline or online with up to 4 people, allowing you to enjoy the game not just with friends and family, but with players from all over the world.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak – £53.99

The spriggan known as Van Arkride is an underground professional that accepts work from any client and acts as a detective, negotiator or bounty hunter with no allegiance. However, the course of his life will change forever when he takes on a strange case that threatens the entire nation. Slash your way through intense combat that springs to life with beautiful visuals, and craft your own gameplay experience in Calvard with features such as high-speed mode and a new alignment system!

Food Truck Simulator – £19.99

Your father owned a food truck. Though the vehicle has grown old, it has become a cornerstone of your family’s legacy. Now, in the blink of an eye, your father’s gone. Now, the food truck belongs to you. Will you walk in your father’s footsteps and live up to his name? Only one way to find out.

You can’t take the ‘truck’ out of ‘food truck’. Before you can set your stalls up, you have to actually get from your garage to wherever you decide to vend for the day. Be mindful of traffic, and congestions too! When you feel you’re short on time do as your father did and veer off the beaten path. First come, first served!

Hot Blood – £8.99

It’s time to dish out some carnage in Hot Blood, the next low-poly 3D beat ’em up from the creator of Drunken Fist! Take the role of sassy smack-talking heroine Roxy as she’s taken off her guard when a zombie apocalypse breaks out while she’s shopping at the mall with her boyfriend. Can she find her boyfriend and escape alive?

From clothing stores to city streets, Hot Blood is physics-based brawling fun that’s perfect for casual replay or hardcore speed runs, offering plenty of challenge without taking itself too seriously. Customize Roxy with a variety of spicy outfits, pick up improvised weaponry and wade through hordes of undead baddies as you fight to survive the apocalypse and look good doing it!

The Battle Cats Unite! – £15.99

Based off of the hit mobile game The Battle Cats, downloaded over 90 million times worldwide! Now available on Nintendo Switch™ with all-new features!

Featuring a simple-to-learn battle system that anyone can enjoy! Team up with a friend to increase the fun many times over! Play with family, friends, or even during a night in with that special someone! Create your own weirdly cute Cat Army and take to the battlefield!

The Five Covens – £11.69

In the land of Gaarth there are five families of sorcerers, each with their characteristic abilities. Our character is a young witch belonging to the family that dominates levitation.

The villain seeks to control the other powers to establish himself as absolute ruler. To this end, he invites Brenda to his castle with the premise of a meeting as a trick. At the entrance she is caught. Shortly after she wakes up in a dungeon and she must find a way to run away using her skills. At all times we will be supported by our inseparable companion, the crow.

Sir Happenlance – £12.00

Climb huge mountains, impale hundreds of enemies, and solve tricky physics puzzles… all using only a spear. Pole-vault yourself to victory in this epic joust-’em-up adventure!

Art of Glide 2 – £3.79

In Art of Glide 2, you’ll navigate through an endless desert environment teeming with mystery and wonder. Explore at your own pace as you uncover over 18 hidden landmarks scattered throughout the environment. From ancient ruins to run-down industrial sites, each landmark holds its own secrets waiting to be unveiled – but beware, in this unforgiving landscape, you must avoid contact with any environmental obstacles in your way.

Taboo Trial – £16.69

Unlock different Valkyries in Valhalla, each playable with distinct styles.

Take up the weapons of the gods to challenge the “giants”, each weapon having a distinct combat style.

Select “Blessings of the Gods”. Blessing of the Gods not only has different combat strategies, but also activates different combat skills. Your choices will create your own unique combat style.

Multi-difficulty levels, each difficulty has a different mechanism, challenging different “giants”.

Clock Creator: My Pendulum Clock – £1.20

With this app, you can design your very own pendulum clock by hand. Freely create your clock on the screen, add hands that show the time, and a gently swinging pendulum to make it move just like a real pendulum clock. Experience the creative joy and traditional relaxation simultaneously.

Brain Training!! Number Search – £2.24

It is among many colorful numbers,

You have to find the indicated number within the time limit,

This is a number game that allows you to enjoy brain activity easily.

It is easy to play.

Replik Survivors – £4.29

This game is a time survival game with role-playing and roguelite elements. Through the choice of upgrades in battle to make the character stronger and stronger, defeat the oncoming enemies.

River Tails: Stronger Together – £16.75

Teammates must work together to defeat end-of-level bosses and solve puzzles across a range of natural-world environments.

Play either as Furple, the curious and excitable purple kitten, or Finn, the independent fish with a bit of an attitude problem.

You’ll embark upstream with these unexpected allies,towards the icy mountain where Furple’s family are in mortal danger.

Can you save them in time?

Bouncy Chicken – £4.49

It’s time for some fun on the farm in whimsical action puzzler Bouncy Chicken! Master single-screen challenges in top-down 3D style as you take aim at fire your feathered projectile around the chicken pen to gather cobs of corn. In each of the 90 unique levels of Bouncy Chicken, you’ll have only a few shots available to shoot a chicken in any direction, ricocheting off the fence, brick walls and springy obstacles or even through warp points. The objective is to collect every cob of corn on screen before your shot chances run out.

Summer Games Beach Volley – £7.99

Dive into the heart of the Summer Games Tournament with this Beach Volley game

Experience the thrill of competition as you vie for the coveted gold medal in intense beach volleyball matches.

Our game delivers a true-to-life experience with full 3D graphics, smooth animations, and realistic beach volleyball sound effects, ensuring every spike and dive feels authentic and immersive.

Compete solo against AI challengers or gather your friends for exhilarating local multiplayer matches for up to 4 players. Whether you’re serving up aces or executing precise blocks, every move counts as you strive to dominate the sandy court and claim victory.

Cats Hidden in Cozy Places – £3.49

“Cats Hidden in Cozy Places” is the ultimate cat-lover’s delight! Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of charming old towns and quaint houses as you embark on a delightful cat-hunting adventure. With six picturesque scenes to choose from, each bursting with adorable feline friends, the challenge is on to spot all 250 hidden cats!

Editor’s Hell – Newspaper Story – £9.99

You just became the editor for a newspaper in a troublesome country. First, you have to make a choice. Will you support the government or will you go against it? Supporting the government can result in bankruptcy since there are a lot of newspapers doing just that already. Or you can take a stand against it and confront a president with questionable integrity, who is rushing towards dictatorship, without drawing too much attention.

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero – £6.99

A new mysterious enemy threatens the world once again! Only one hero can save the world… Shockman!

Join bionic heroes Raita and Azuki as they face all kinds of dangerous enemies to save humanity.

Is this heroic task too much for you? Then join forces with a friend for some classic-style action!

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero - £6.99

Next week: Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master, Parasol Stars – The Story of Bubble Bobble III, Princess Maker 2 Regeneration, OGRE TALE, Bleach: Brave Souls, HoneyLand, Brawl Arena: Arcade Shooter, Sunlight Scream, Gluck, Muv-Luv Remastered, DROS, Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra, Anomaly Pools, Deathchron, Retro Battle, Kubits Gallery, True Colours – A Date With Deception, Night Reverie, and WEJAM.